List of incidents

Here is the latest list of various incidents carried out by or are related with refugees migrating to EU. All incidents sorted by date in descending order.

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20 June, 2017Belgium00A suicide nail bomber attempts to reach people, but was shot dead on sight by the police.
19 June, 2017France00A suicide bomber targets police in Paris and dies after crashing his car to police van. Police officers found assault rifle and explosives in his car.
7 June, 2017England01A nursery worker was stabbed on her way to work by three girls shouting “Allah will get you” in London.
6 June, 2017France01A terrorist from Algeria shouting “this is for Syria” attacked police officers with a hammer in Paris. Suspect was shot and critically injured.
5 June, 2017Australia13A terrorist takes hostage woman and kills a man, injures 3 police officers in Brighton. Suspect was shot dead during the shootout.
3 June, 2017England7483 terrorists shouting praises to Allah plows into crowd of people, then jumps out with large knifes. All suspects was shot dead.
22 May, 2017England22116A terrorist detonated suicide backpack in the crowd during the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester.
18 May, 2017Italy03A militant Muslim stabs three people at a train station in Milan. A Tunisian nationality man was arrested.
29 April, 2017Germany10A woman is stabbed to death in front of her two children over her decision to leave Islam for Christianity in Prien am Chiemsee.
27 April, 2017France02A radicalized Islamist shot and wounded two policemen on the French island of Reunion as they tried to arrest him.
27 April, 2017England00A Muslim is arrested with a backpack filled with knives outside the Parliament. No one was injured, because police acted immediately.
21 April, 2017Russia21An Islamic State gunman storms a government building and kills two people in Khabarovsk. Security shot dead the attacker.
20 April, 2017France13Terrorist shoots dead at least one police officer armed with AK-47 in Paris. Suspect was later killed, 3 other arrested.
16 April, 2017Australia01Melbourne train passenger was beaten up by 3 Muslim migrants for pointing out that migrants bring crime into the country.
15 April, 2017Spain05A Moroccan migrant drives car into group of people on the sidewalk waiting at a bus in Palma. Suspect was arrested.
14 April, 2017Spain030At least 30 people injured at Seville Good Friday procession. Attackers provoke stampede while shouting praises to Allah. 8 suspects was arrested.
8 April, 2017Russia20Islamic militants armed with machine-guns killed 2 police officers in a police car in Malgobek.
8 April, 2017Norway00A teenage asylum seeker planted self-made bomb device which has been found and neutralized in the centre of Oslo. Suspect was arrested.
7 April, 2017Sweden515A migrant from from Uzbekistan ISIS supporter plowed hijacked truck into crowd in Sweden’s capital Stockholm. Later 2 suspects was arrested by police.
4 April, 2017Russia22An Islamic State gunmen shoot to death two traffic cops in Astrakhan city. Later they attacked second time injuring 2 more, total 4 suspects was shot dead by police.
4 April, 2017France10A 27-year-old Arab man pushes Jewish elder woman from balcony in Paris while shouting praises to Allah. Suspect was arrested by police later, he was know to police before.
3 April, 2017Russia1464A Muslim migrant man detonates explosives in metro station in St. Petersburg killing and injuring dozen of people. Later the 8 suspects was captured by police.
23 March, 2017Belgium00A 39-year-old Tunisian nationality man attempted to drive into crowd in Antwerp. Quick police reaction saved lives as multiple weapons were found in the attacker’s car.
23 March, 2017Italy02An African citizen runs over police officer. After a car crash he attacked other officer with a knife, wounding him in the hand. Suspect was arrested.
22 March, 2017England549Terrorist’s vehicle crashed into a crowd at Westminster Bridge near Britain’s parliament. Then attacker stabbed police officer and later was shot dead.
21 February, 2017England01Muslim man spits in baby’s face and yells at mother: “white people shouldn’t breed”.
3 February, 2017France01A man armed was stopped while attempting to attack a soldier with a machete in Louvre museum. He was shot and then taken into custody.
11 January, 2017Germany01A man yelling praises to Allah stabs a customer leaving him in critical condition at a store parking lot in Oberhausen.

Attackers are not included to the numbers of victims and injured columns.