Refugee crisis in Europe

The current surge in migration to the European Union is rapidly becoming the largest and most complex facing Europe since the Second World War.

Large numbers

Official statistics suggests there are more than 5 million registered refugees according to United Nations.

Mostly men

Roughly two of the third refugees are men. Most of them are at young age and are fit for military service.

Aid to refugees

All refugees get free housing, food and medical care. Also they receive average of 250-400 € / month payments.

Increased crime

Numerous reports of increased criminal activity such as rape and assaults are reported nearby refugee camps.

National security

Portion of the asylum seekers are responsible for terrorist attacks in various EU countries.

Cultural differences

Refugees culture clashes with local citizens are common. They find hard time integrating into society.

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Latest News

Aug 18, 2017

Finland police shoot man after stabbing spree

Finland police shoot man after several people stabbed in city of Turku. At least 2 dead and 6 injured, some of the seriously. Suspect have been shot in the leg by police as witnesses say.

Aug 18, 2017

Another terrorist attack in Spain, 5 suspects dead

Next day after Barcelona attack terrorist made another attack in Spain. Car was driven into crowd by gang of 5 attackers in Cambrils. They were wearing bomb belts and all 5 was instantly shot dead by police.

Aug 17, 2017

Van driven into crowd by armed gunmen in Barcelona terrorist attack

Another terror attack in Europe. Van driven into crowd by armed gunmen in Barcelona terrorist attack. It leaves at least 14 dead and over 130 injured. Mass chaos on the street occurred and at least three stampedes of people fleeing for cover were seen.

Aug 6, 2017

Rape crisis in Denmark: rapes increased by 196% since open borders policy

The number of rapes reported to the police has soared by a shocking 196 percent, according to the Danish state’s bureau of statistics. This rape crisis also happen in countries who took in large numbers of refugees like Sweden and Germany.